Alimony Modification

Getting a divorce is almost never simple, and it can often be a long, painful and arduous process. Getting ordered to pay alimony can feel like pouring salt on an open wound. If you’ve been ordered by the court to pay your spouse any type of alimony, you need a seasoned family law attorney who can advise you of your rights and your options in this situation.


Petitioning The Court To Have Alimony Modified

There are certain circumstances in which you can petition the court to have the alimony you were ordered to pay modified, or reduced. If you have had a reduction in your finances due to circumstances out of your control, you may be able to get the alimony you are paying reduced. Similarly, if your spouse has had a positive change to their finances, you can also petition to have your alimony order modified. You can also have the alimony abated if you can prove that your spouse obtained alimony via fraud, or if your spouse remarries.


There are, however, some instances in which your financial status can change in a negative way but you will still not be able to have your alimony modified. Examples of this include quitting your job or even some cases of getting fired, as you may be accused of getting fired specifically so you could have your alimony reduced.


Getting your alimony modified involves filing the right documents with the proper court, and it can be confusing if you’ve never been through this process before – and most people in this situation haven’t. Retaining a professional and experienced family law attorney will ensure you are able to exercise your rights under Florida’s alimony modification laws. Call Chopin & Chopin, LP today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your case.