Visitation Rights

Getting a divorce can be a frightening and confusing experience, especially if there are children involved. You may wonder where the children will spend the majority of their time, who they will live with and how often you will get to see your children. It is in the best interests of the child and important for the child’s well being that he or she maintain a relationship with both parents during and after the divorce proceedings.

At Chopin & Chopin, LP, we have successfully assisted in the establishment of fair timesharing and visitation rights for parents and would like to help you maintain the right to visit and spend time with your children in the event of a divorce or dissolution of marriage.



Many times, visitation arrangements can be made out of court if both parties are willing to go through the process of mediation. Mediation can save both you and your spouse substantial costs and heartache, as well as make the divorce proceedings as easy on your child as possible. We will thoroughly review your case and determine if mediation is the right option for you and your family, and support you throughout the process. We can help you create a parenting plan that is in the best interests of your child and helps your family move forward after the divorce.



Although many cases of visitation rights can be solved out of court through mediation, that is not always the case. If it becomes necessary to engage in litigation, Chopin & Chopin, LP has the experience and knowledge you need to prevail in court. We can present your case to the courts in the best possible light to ensure the highest possibility of a successful outcome.

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