Child Support Modification

Life brings with it unforseen changes, and when it does, it may no longer be realistic or even possible to comply with your original orders for child support or your custody arrangements. If you’ve experienced a life change that makes it difficult to meet your court ordered obligations, don’t assume that you’re stuck – Chopin & Chopin, LP can help.


How To Make Changes To The Original Child Support Order

Depending on your individual circumstances and how they have changed, you may be able to petition the court to modify the original child support order to better allow you to meet your obligations. For example, if you have lost your job or have had a decrease in your salary, you may be able to ask the court to have the terms of your divorce decree modified.


However, you must show that your financial status has significantly changed. You need the expertise of a seasoned family law attorney to present your case for child support modification in the best possible light. At Chopin & Chopin, LP, we can answer your questions. We will help you gather the financial records you need to illustrate that your circumstances are now different, and we will assist you in filing the proper documents with the proper courts to get your child support modified.


Time Sharing

Older child support orders may be affected by the new Florida time sharing laws. Previously, having child support modified required the parent to have 40% time sharing – or 146 overnights – in a year to request a change and successfully have their child support reduced. The new laws allow child support to be modified in cases where the parent has 20% time sharing – or 73 overnights – a year. This means that even if you do not have equal time sharing of your child with your spouse, you can still petition the court to have your child support modified in cases where your financial circumstances have changed substantially.


If you’ve experienced life developments that necessitate having your child support orders revised or modified, call Chopin & Chopin, LP today to make an appointment. We can help you present your case to the courts in such a way that maximizes the¬†likelihood¬†the courts will rule in your favor.