Custody Modification

You or your spouse may have had life changes that necessitate the modification of the original custody order of your divorce decree. Depending on your circumstances or your spouse’s, you may believe that different living arrangements would be in the best interest of your child and that your child would benefit substantially from having the custody agreement modified. While Florida law does allow parents to petition the court for the modification of the original custody agreement, the petitioner must adequately illustrate how the circumstances have changed, and this almost always must include a change in financial status such as the loss of a job except for in cases of abuse or where changing the custody order is necessary for the child’s mental and physical well being.


The burden of proof to illustrate how the circumstances have changed enough to mitigate revising the custody order lies on the petitioner. He or she must provide the evidence necessary to prove to the court that the current custody arrangements are unsatisfactory, and how a change in the decree would be the most beneficial for the child. It can be difficult gathering all of the necessary paperwork, expert witnesses and testimonies, and financial records to properly show how changing or revising the custody agreement would be in the best interest of the child, but an experienced attorney well versed in family law can be of great assistance to you when attempting to have the custody arrangements in your original divorce decree changed.


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